VadelmaRadio will be broadcasting for 3 months on a local frequency in Helsinki Vallila neighborhood and also taking part in an international alternative electronic art festival radio in the autumn 2017. Stay tuned for more info!

Vadelmapensas @ Korppiradio!

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Korppiradio is part of Cohesion Radio Project, which is an humble glocal effort to OCCUPY the waves (for you and me and for those without a voice), with political and social awareness and discussion, with full freedom of expression, with celebration of creativity, through intimate communication, by personal voices, by you and you and you, by us.

infoa ja keskustelua lähetyksistä ja ohjelmista, radiotaiteesta VadelmaRadion -ryhmässä:.
Vilkommen. Wilkommen. Tere tulemast. Welkom. Bienvenue. Benvenuti. Bienvenidos.

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VadelmaRadion pilottilähetys 4.5. klo 17.45 – la 5.5. klo 18
“Dream House” (24 h) yhteistyössä Shinji Kankin, Lähiradion ja m-cultin kanssa. ks. aikataulu.